Lexus Car Launch

Working with Lexus to send out a  creative mailer to 500 PR agencies and press for the virtual release of the All New Lexus NX


Lexus as the first leading car brand to host a worldwide virtual car launch spanning over 40 countries. To accompany the virtual launch of the Lexus NX, AnotherDay Events created an eco-friendly, multi-sensory bespoke mailer which explored the five senses; Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. 


Sustainability was a leading detail when creating this branded bespoke mailer. Everything had to be recyclable or reusable without compromising on quality or style. For the boxes outer material we wanted to emulate a leather effect to link it to the new Lexus car interior. To do this we used an embossed high quality recyclable paper which mimicked leather to the touch. Inside the box, instead of using foam based material to cut into the product shapes we used a base of honeycomb cardboard. The honeycomb layers strengthen the material which allows it to protect the products inside even more so than foam.

The leaflet for the press release inside the box was printed using a vegetable based ink and printed onto seeded paper. This seeded paper is biodegradable and can be planted straight into the ground to grow flowers and plants!

Following the senses; for taste we created a vegan non-GMO chocolate flavoured naturally with orange and ginger extracts. The Lexus card was printed using eco-friendly thermochromic ink which once heated would disappear and reveal the Lexus NX tagline underneath. The Sony headphones were picked to ensure they would adapt to all devices, so easily reusable, and ensured a high sound quality to enhance the sound for the virtual event. Finally a recyclable paper sachet was filled with a biodegradable corncob and infused with an alcohol free natural sandalwood oil to fill the mailer with a beautiful fragrance when opened. 

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